Monday, December 16, 2013

"Winter Birch"

This stand of white birch is between fields where a trickle of a brook runs through. It's on a few acres I have in Northern Maine. The land was a working farm at one time but with disuse, brush and soft wood saplings are creeping along field edges. This little spot has always been a favorite of mine and so perhaps others might also see the beauty of this place.
Signed, numbered, limited edition print of 750.
Image size:  15"  x 18 3/4"

Monday, December 2, 2013

"Dawn's Symphony"

This scene was inspired by the view I see from my home on Lake Annabessacook. It's early morning and as the sun filters through the trees, a pair of Canada Geese glide into the shadows. I paint a number of watercolor and oils from my deck overlooking the water. Some will be made into print form.
Signed, numbered, limited edition print of 575.
Image size:  14 1/4"  x  21 3/8"